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TBW16 The Battle of Wavre: ​French & Prussian Regiments 10mm Flags

  • Designed for wargamers and collectors, this set of 240+ laser-colour paper flags in 10mm scale, represent the French and Prussian regiments that fought at the Battle of Wavre. Also includes flags for all other units that were not present at Waterloo:

    • French Line Infantry: 1st Battalion Regimental tricolours; 2nd, 3rd, 4th Battalion flags with numerals (conjectural)
    • French Line Cavalry: Regimental tricolours
    • Prussian Line infantry: 1st Battalion Avancierfahne (white background); 2nd, 3rd Battalions (reverse colours)
    • Prussian Line Cavalry: Swallow tail guidons (some hypothetical)
    • Prussian Former Reserve infantry: Late 1815 issue flags; hypothetical flags/generic flags
    • Prussian Landwehr Infantry: hypothetical/generic flags
    • Prussian Landwehr Cavalry: Swallow-tail guidons hypothetical/generic flags
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