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"Great Quality Flags and the set is beautifully presented."
- Miltiades, Isle of Man, UK

"The quality of these flags is superb and really makes them

an outstanding bargain. I cant recommend the quality and

incredible value of these flags highly enough"
John, Wells, England

"I was extremely happy with the seller who guided me to something that would fit my needs better, even though their recommendation cost less than my initial choice. Needless to say I’ll certainly be buying from them again!"
Elliott, Verona, USA


  • If you don't need the complete set of flags and 'Orders of Battle', here's a 'Flags Only' sheet...

TBW09 OOB PG1_17.10.23.jpg


 1. What flags are included in this set?

This set comprises over 260 printed colour flags to represent generic Union regiments that fought at the Battle of Gettysburg, during July 1st - 3rd, 1863. These flags are designed for cutting-out and gluing to miniatures.

Flags for up to 48 infantry and 8 cavalry regiments are included. These will allow replication of any of the Union Infantry Corps, and a couple of brigades of cavalry from the battle (i.e. the biggest Union Corps was Hancock's 2nd, which had 43 infantry regiments).

Each regiment is presumed to be carrying TWO flags. The Union troops usually carried a 'Stars and Stripes' national flag, plus a regulation pattern regimental colour, or alternatively a state colour. Several of the major state flags are available to choose from:

New York

In addition, flags for the famous "Iron" and "Irish" brigades are included, as well as HQ flags for corps, division and brigade, and General Meade's personal HQ flag.

Flag breakdown:

Infantry = 140
Cavalry = 36
Headquarters = 92

The Orders of Battle for infantry and cavalry regiments are presented on separate pages.

 2. What size miniatures do the flags fit?

The flags have been sized for 15 mm metal miniatures, and were proportionately measured for the AB figures range.

3. How should I fix the flag to the miniature flag pole? 

The best glue to use is one that doesn't dry too quickly so that you can manipulate the flag into its final position before it dries. This will allow you to form twists and turns in the flag to depict it waving and bellowing in the wind, if desired. The flags already include artistic depictions of "folds and creases", but physically bending the flags will definitely increase the realistic effect, as veteran modellers will know!

 4. What type of paper are the flags printed on?

The colour flags are laser printed onto 130gsm satin paper, which provides both endurance and flexibility, and gives a slight sheen.


 5. How accurate are the flags historically?

The designs are based on examples of American Civil War flags in museums, and so are very accurate. The flag dimensions however, are NOT strictly to scale, but are proportioned for a better visual impact on miniatures. This usually means they are overall a bit larger than scale.



6. HQ, Corps, Division & Brigade Flags

The Union Army at Gettysburg, had an organized system of HQ flags that are reproduced in this set. A year later, in 1864, the design for Corps HQ flags changed from the single symbol as shown in this set, to the symbols that appeared on divisional/brigade flags.


7. U.S. Cavalry Red/White Company Guidons

Historically, the red and white guidons/pennants, included in this set, were actually used only before and after Gettysburg, but as they are quite popular and iconic, I decided to include them in this set too.

8. Artillery Flags/Order of Battle

Battle Order information and flags for artillery units have not been included in this set because research indicates few collectors use them. Should this omission be a miscalculation, do let me know!


9. Flag Choices

As with my previous flag sets, my aim is to provide as much choice as possible for the collector and wargamer.

In the case of the Union regiments, in addition to choosing one of the 'Stars and Stripes' flags of square, circular, oval or star design, you will also have the choice of whether to go for the regulation regimental colour, or a state colour such as Pennsylvania or New York.
Some collectors like to add as much variety as possible amongst the flags for their American Civil War regiments, while others prefer a more ordered system. Others still go and research deeper to find out what different regiments actually carried in the field and what extra details appeared on individual regimental flags, the permutations of which were almost endless.

I trust and hope you will find these f
lags an inspiration and pleasure to work with. This flag range is primarily designed to give you flexibility and an abundance of choice, without breaking the bank! Whatever your own personal aims and ambitions are for building your own miniature armies, I hope these sets of flags will help bring that special peace, enjoyment and sense of fulfillment we all enjoy from this eclectic and absorbing interest we share.




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TBW The Battle of Waterloo

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TBW09 Union Corps 15mm



Union Army

15 mm Scale

Miniature Flags

(Quantity 260)

An 11-page booklet including 4 pages of of laser-colour flags, professionally printed on satin paper.

  • 4 Pages of flags

  • Gettysburg Orders of Battle

  • Information, Notes & FAQ

  • Index

A4 Booklet


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