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I'm a half-Scottish Englishman, with a passionate fascination for Napoleonic history, and especially for Waterloo. I first started designing flags in 2021, for the sole purpose of using them for my own Waterloo miniatures. My reason for doing so, was because I wanted an inexpensive, flexible and wide choice of flags, not available in the commercial flags I had found.

I then wondered if other people might like my designs
and format, and decided to produce my first commercial sets of flags for sale on eBay - "Battle of Waterloo French" in 15/18mm and 10mm scale.

Following enthusiastic appreciation from my customers, I
then spent 2022 expanding the range to include all the armies of Waterloo - the "British, KGL & Hanoverians"; the "Prussians" and finally the "Dutch-Belgian, Nassau & Brunswickers".

What will be next? I've had many requests to expand the range further, and will be conside
ring these in due course, with the likely candidates being other major Napoleonic battles, and perhaps even other wars, such as the American Civil War. I've also been asked if I intend to expand into other scales, such as 28mm, but I believe these are already well served in the market.

This venture has been a most welcome surprise to find my wor
k on these flags appreciated, and I'm grateful to everyone for making that happen. I very much hope to exceed your expectations for the future.

Chippenham, Wiltshire, England






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TBW The Battle of Waterloo

Based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England


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