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TBW15 The Battle of Wavre: ​French & Prussian Regiments 15/18 mm Flags

  • Designed for wargamers and collectors, this set of 240+ laser-colour paper flags in 15/18mm scale, represent the French and Prussian regiments that fought at the Battle of Wavre. Also includes flags for all other units that were not present at Waterloo:

    • French Line Infantry: 1st Battalion Regimental tricolours; 2nd, 3rd, 4th Battalion flags with numerals (conjectural)
    • French Line Cavalry: Regimental tricolours
    • Prussian Line infantry: 1st Battalion Avancierfahne (white background); 2nd, 3rd Battalions (reverse colours)
    • Prussian Line Cavalry: Swallow tail guidons (some hypothetical)
    • Prussian Former Reserve infantry: Late 1815 issue flags; hypothetical flags/generic flags
    • Prussian Landwehr Infantry: hypothetical/generic flags
    • Prussian Landwehr Cavalry: Swallow-tail guidons hypothetical/generic flags
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