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TBW13 The Battle of Waterloo: All Armies - Infantry & Cavalry 6mm

  • Designed for Wargamers and Collectors, this is a generic set of 390 laser-colour paper flags in 6mm scale, representing all of the armies that fought at the Battle of Waterloo. Included in this set:

    • The French Army: includes  historical infantry tricolurs and battalion flags for Line/Light infantry and the Imperial Guard; tricolours for all cavalry regiments including light cavalry
    • British, KGL & Hanoverians: includes historical infantry King's and regimental colours for British & KGL foot regiments; hypothetical and conjectural flags for Hanoverian infantry & cavalry
    • Dutch-Belgian, Nassau & Brunswickers: includes flags for Dutch-Belgian troops based on conjectural designs; Nassau and Brunswick based mainly on historical records 
    • Prussians: includes historical flags for some line infantry and cavalry regiments; most flags are hypothetical, especially the Landwehr; the former Reserve infantry are given the flags they were issued after Waterloo
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