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TBW11-CA1 The Battle of Gettysburg: Confederate Infantry & Cavalry 15 mm Flags

  • Designed for Wargamers and Collectors, this is a generic set of 66 laser-colour paper flags in 15mm scale, representing Confederate infantry and cavalry regiments that fought at Gettysburg in General Lee's  Army of Northern Virginia. Included in this set:

    • Confederate Infantry 'Battle' flag: Qty 16
    • Confederate 'Stars and Bars' National flag: Qty 5 flags
    • Confederate Infantry State Colours: Qty 27 flags of Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Maryland
    • Confederate Cavalry 'Battle' flag: Qty 6 flags
    • Confederate Cavalry 'Battle' guidons: Qty 6 flags
    • Confederate Cavalry 'Stars and Bars' National guidon:  Qty 6 flags
    • Confederate Cavalry Regulation Colours: Qty 6 flags
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