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TBW08-DS1: Dutch-Belgian, Nassau, Brunswick Inf & Cav - Regt Flags 10mm

  • Includes Qty 1 x Single Flag Sheet - compiled from the full set, TBW08.

    Designed for wargamers and collectors, this single sheet of 64 laser-colour paper flags in 10 mm scale, represent the Dutch-Belgian, Nassau and Brunswick regiments that fought in the Duke of Wellington's army at Waterloo.

    Flag designs include:

    • Dutch-Belgian Infantry: Qty 46 (8x cavalry) x Regimental flags with numerals, two per regiment - one with white or yellow field (yellow=light infantry/cavalry), the other orange - based on 1820 design (conjecture)
    • Nassau Infantry: Qty 6 x Regimental flags, including one hypothetical Landwehr flag
    • Brunswick Infantry & Cavalry: Qty 8 (2x cavalry) x Regimental flags, two per regiment for infantry, 1 each for cavalry (hypothetical design)
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