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"These flags are superb. A brilliant product.

Top quality finish, great choice, superb sales service and communication.

I've used other manufacturers flags for my armies,

but in price, quality and choice, these are the best."

- Gary, Carlisle, UK


Infantry Flags

Cavalry Flags (not to scale)


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Miniature Flag Sets for Wargamers & Collectors

 TBW - Battle of Waterloo Flag Sets

  • These unique flags sets have been primarily designed for collectors and wargamers who desire a flag for most of their miniature regiments. To this end, this selection offers a wide and creative choice of alternatives, including:

    • historically accurate flags based on museum examples and book research references

    • speculative and conjectural alternatives based on some historically known details

    • conjectural flags with identifying regimental and battalion details

    • generic flags with no regimental details

    • hypothetical flag designs where no historical details are known

  • The flags have been sized to fit TWO scales:

    • 15mm and 18mm metal miniatures - these flags have been physically measured to fit the 15mm range of Minifigs and the 18mm of AB figures

    • 10mm metal miniatures - these are measured to fit the 10mm range of Pendraken

  • The flags are made of paper and designed to be cut-out and glued to metal miniatures

  • They are laser-colour printed on 130gsm satin finish paper, which has a slight sheen

  •  15o to 200+ miniature flags are included in each set, printed on 5x A4 sheets, with additional sheets featuring an index of flags and helpful notes

  • Each set includes a flag for almost every regiment present at The Battle of Waterloo (the exception being the light infantry battalions of the British 95th Rifles & King's German Legion, and the French Gendarmes)

  • Flags are presented in the battle order of the day, along with named commanding officers of corps, division and brigade

  • The regiments included in these sets, are only those that were present on the battlefield on the 18th June. They do not include, for example, Wellington's troops that were stationed at Hal 17 miles away; the 1st Battalion of the 1st Foot Chasseurs of the Old Guard, who were guarding the Emperor's treasure at Le Caillou; the Prussian forces at Wavre, and those still strung out on a march who never reached the battlefield in time

I truly hope you find these flags of great use in adorning your precious miniatures.

Michael, TBW Publishing


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TBW The Battle of Waterloo

Based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England


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